February Ride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yo it was the strongest turnout for the monthly ride yet(which isn't saying much bein the second ride).

We met at the brickyard to discuss the ambassadorial to Wacktoria. Much shouting and finally consensus........We leave Saturday Am and arrive in Vic to chill for a couple of hours and then we take the capital. Peeps were mostly concerned about how we would get there,what happens when we get to Vic is unknown and infinitely fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After reaching consensus we rode..............around.......downtown......along the waterfront which was cold....We met Barry on his cruiser and he rode with us..........nice guy.....decided to spend Friday riding around on his bike and met US.......MC3 Freeek Bike Gang

Got the bike on .......Got the drink on....Got the weed on .....Got the smokes on.......

Ride report

Business as usual

Peeps on choppers
Peeps on others

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  1. Blogger robert 

    and i was riding my
    chaise-longue \'shaz-'lon\
    or chaise-lounge \-'launj\ n: a long couchlike bike

  2. Blogger robert 

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  3. Blogger robert 

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Blogger MC3 

    I know Rob

    I was drunk when I posted and

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