March Ride...........Ohhh YYEaahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So David called the ride this month. He figgered that it would be cool to shoot everyone on their bikes, a photo shoot fer the website, in the location of their choice.

It was super warm out so we could meet at the gazebo at Science World. I (JIM) was super late. I was meeting Liz and Sophie to see how the choppper I am building them would fit. Liz and Sophie are a mom/ daughter team and when the chopper is done the membership of MC3 will be super generational with members from 5 to 55. Nice yeh!!!

Dav-ed had a list of peoples locations they wanted to be shot at and a route planned out.
There was immediate disssent. Which sorta sucks cause I was under the impression that whoever calls the ride leads the ride. We need more discussion on protocol.

So we did a cruise around false creek and then downtown to shoot peeps at various locations. It was fun to be cruising around on the Granville malll on a Friday. We ate pizza and Amy picked up a mountain biker. I tried to pick up some bar girls at my location but they were not even remotely interested.

We ended up climbing a tree then the ride was pretty much done so I went home. I guess other peeps did too.

Thanks for shooting pict David and publishing them so fast. I am sending the link to Mom.

Peeps on ride

Jane and Rusl (Yay finally!!!!)
Dale(who is dreaming his chopper)

Sweet Rides

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