Mini Bike Winter Weekend, 2006

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Best Moment(s)… hard one to pinpoint; best just to start from the beginning.

Road trips are always a great way to start a crazy fun filled weekend, and two moments stand out in my mind on the trip down. Neither may sound cool to you, the reader, maybe you had to be there. One, Jim and I sitting in the back of Paul’s Van (go 100kmph down I5) sewing patches onto our shirts while drinking beer out of water bottles and eating beef jerky, now that good living. Two after Picking up JT and David, in Seattle, I switched to the Red Barren with the BC clettes after a few misleading turns we made it to the free way, not I5 but it got us going in the right direction, and I said it before “you had to be there”, Single Quarter Women, which lead to many good laughs yet to come.
PDX, at “The best house party ever” title not so much reality, though if all is well that ends well, then it was pretty dam good. While in the basement randomly chatting with P-town peeps a mini-bike jousting match breaks out between The RevPhil and friend, minus the mini-bikes and lances. So a Brazilian biker clown announces the match and they proceed to get a four foot walking start and collide somewhere near the middle and fall down. Not that this moment is not great enough on its own, but it is only the setup for the best moments of this night. So while this is all going down, not being a huge basement, The Bee (i.e. me) gets squashed up against the wall with Lady-bug, rapped in a full length faux-fur cocoon. We chat for a bit swap… stories, spit is yet to come, but the night is late and Team Canada is on the move, and I say it’s time for this Bee to find his bed at which point Lady-bug offers hers! Which is almost the best moment, almost…
After breakfast and a nice one hour self tour of NE Portland I meet back up with Team Canada and the zOO! bOMB!! Kids out side the Lloyd center mall for the first international mALL bOMB! Man what a rush the best part was with in minutes of entering the mall on our mini bikes, while dodging o-beast American shoppers telling us “hey you can’t ride bikes in here” for which we replied with a smile “yes we can we’re doing it”, a very large Security guard yells from the escalator “Drop your Bikes Right Now!!” Of course we did nothing of the sort and made a hard right riding even faster for the nearest exit. Thought by this time the ride had already broken up into at least three sub groups and a few rogue agents. After, we all regrouped and headed up the to the Zoo for a day time special edition Zoo Bomb for Team Canada and friends, fallowed by cheep-train-sushi and Portland’s oldest strip club. Then it was time to meet up with “Miss February” (Sarah) at Voodoo Daddy doughnuts, for her birthday ride before the Free Geeks party, Where we saw two twelve year old girls rock it out on top of the bath room and we got kicked out so two people could get married. After a bit of Birthday streamer-bike-tag-out and some awesome Geneses & Vanilla floats, we road on to the Free Geeks dance party.
High lights of the party; fashion does and don’ts, all were hot in there own way. The Feral Clown’s Danger Sideshow, starting with fireworks showering off the head of a Brazilian clown while other clown performed around him. Then there was a little game of “What’s UP YOUR ASS?!” Where we got to see three lovely ladies guess the object lightly wedged between their cheeks. Some how the last girl got it exactly right even down to the color, “orange sandal?” Then it was time for the midnight naked bike ride, remember it is February and freezing out. Needless to say, it was a shorter ride than usual, but not too short. Though as for best moment, that happen after the ride, we all ran back into the dance party, full of hot sweaty bikers, to warm up, each of us putting on as must or little clothing as we felt fit, then danced our asses off. For a good while I was dancing with the ladybug, she, wearing nothing more then her full length faux-fur blue coat, open, Oouch…
Mini Bike Winter 2006! Best Olympics ever! I took Sliver in Mini bike Whip-lash and I was one of the four Winners of the “Cupcake Challenge”, dam the Willamette is cold. Next up was the mini bike jousting where JT broke his nose on his opponent’s four-head to win round one. After a few more wicked, and a little dangerous, MBW events we were off to Free geeks for some Dumpster-dive-pizza and zoo BOMB! With a quick pit stop at the Portland bike library for some bike swapping, then Zoo BOMB! The whole think was so amazing that no one moment can stand out over another, but riding on to Highway 205 on a mini going 45mph (about 60kph) was pretty F-ing hot!


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