Tall Bike Christmas


It was a tall bike Christmas.

Liz, Gavins wife, asked me to make him a tall bike. I like to do this, make bikes for people. The fun is in taking my time, letting the bike come together, not really stressing and just making them pretty. I painted this one dark blue and added a chrome steal rim in the frame, ovalized for max attract.

I scheduled delivery for xmas eve and the bike was a suprise. I invited Pol B to join me on the delivery. I rigged up this little trailer and hitched it to my tall bike. Pol was on his tall parade bike and after a beer or two we set out to cycle across the city. We went the long way so we could cruise the drive. It was fun to shock people out of their consumer frenzy and give them somethng real to smile and laugh about.

 Posted by Picasa We delivered the bike and Gavin was super happy.

Jack, MC3 member at large, was spotted on his tall bike. Yeah this happens all the time, people are always saying stuff like this to me. "Hey I saw this guy on a tallbike at such and such a place". Yeah yeah I say what color was it? What part of town? Yadayada..etc Then I identify the rider and get to say, I helped build that bike....Any way....The reason I mention the Jack sighting is becasue the tall bike rider in question was on the SEA TO SKY HIGHWAY on his way to Whistler.


Jack drops in with this movie file but no story.

Bike Bling



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!!! Bike ! Bling !!!


Tallbikes and cars don't mix well in a blender


This months ride was my ride...well everyones but it was my (Jim) birthday...

By chance Chris and Silas of the Buzzards came up from Bellingham...Silas brought his tall bike and we put Chris on the red fire chopper...A first for him I am told he was previously anti freekbike...I guess he needed a good smooth ride to bust his cherry...ahem

Other guests of honor Margaret the longboarder...

Riding from the shop to the meet point we had a bit of an altercation with a car driver...i guess we were taking up the whole road...It is a bike route dude..expect it....anyway it could have been foreshadowing...

We hung around the gazebo for a while played some games of RedRover to stay warm drank all of Chris' leftover Pacific then headed east...

We were passing an art opening...I guess it was poorly attended cause they yelled out to us to come in....imagine a plague of locust on your buffet...we drank all the red wine, ate all the choclate, decimated the cheese platter...looked at the art sorta and split...

We took Commercial Drive...yelling and howling...

We hung out in the park off fourteenth for awhile...fired up the BBq bike had some dogs...Ifny and her ADD organized us into a race around the park imagine the chaos of about fifteen tallbikes, choppers, mini-talls all racing singletrack thru the trees in the dark...James...tallbike winner....Chris in the chopper division and Ifny in the vanilla class...

We all split the park and went to the legion...many pitchers were consumed...

Then we went for pizza and hung around on the street...til everyone split up and went home...I guess some one got into an arguement with a car driver on the way..........cuz I got called over by a cop...hey what have you been up to tonite? oh just riding around...Get into any arguements?/ no I said...He flips his computer around to show me that some one had reported a car driver arguing with an eight foot tall bike...Wasn't me i said.. He points at my bike...Uh there were a bunch of those out tonite...You going home now he says....fer sure you see the ladies I am with???

Anyway I guess the cops settled for the twelve foot long bike ..... hey D........ make any new friends in there?????


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