Tall Bike Christmas

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It was a tall bike Christmas.

Liz, Gavins wife, asked me to make him a tall bike. I like to do this, make bikes for people. The fun is in taking my time, letting the bike come together, not really stressing and just making them pretty. I painted this one dark blue and added a chrome steal rim in the frame, ovalized for max attract.

I scheduled delivery for xmas eve and the bike was a suprise. I invited Pol B to join me on the delivery. I rigged up this little trailer and hitched it to my tall bike. Pol was on his tall parade bike and after a beer or two we set out to cycle across the city. We went the long way so we could cruise the drive. It was fun to shock people out of their consumer frenzy and give them somethng real to smile and laugh about.

 Posted by Picasa We delivered the bike and Gavin was super happy.

Jack, MC3 member at large, was spotted on his tall bike. Yeah this happens all the time, people are always saying stuff like this to me. "Hey I saw this guy on a tallbike at such and such a place". Yeah yeah I say what color was it? What part of town? Yadayada..etc Then I identify the rider and get to say, I helped build that bike....Any way....The reason I mention the Jack sighting is becasue the tall bike rider in question was on the SEA TO SKY HIGHWAY on his way to Whistler.


Jack drops in with this movie file but no story.

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    holy eph jack. that video is like 10 times scarier than the blair witch project. add another 90 minutes and you have a blockbuster on your hands.

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