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Four MC3 ambassadors left for Destination Seattle around noon last Saturday. The sun was shining, the first time in 27 days. The rays were absorbed as a sign of good times ahead.

The Red Barron roared south, radio-less, packed full of biker love. Representing “The Canadians” was Cara, Amy, Lee and Nicole.

We crossed over with no hassles or questions (?we think it the cowboy hat?) and entered into the land of the free. Our first destination was a small town about half way to pick up cheap beer and our favorite American battery/drink: Sparks! The cash attendant told us about a super hot drink: a shot of Jagger in a glass of Red Bull. You heard it right folks, this is gunna be huge!

We realized fairly quickly that none of us brought a map of Seattle. Nobody seemed too worried; we knew the force would be with us. A little later… !! ... we arrived to Dead Baby Soren’s pad. ... the party began!! Neko arrived, bikes were borrowed, and we set off to the Cranked Magazine Release/Post Race Party held at the Rendezvous. We soon found the cranked boyz themselves: Mike, Jason, Matt and Justin.

We arrived just as they were announcing the winners of the race (that we unfortunately missed due to our notorious pace). Huge shout outs to everyone where made... much trans-national biker respect! More Dead Babies were at the bar and kept the party rowdy: Stephanie, Woody, Peter, more names of special people I don’t remember… (I’m just learning!). $6 pitchers and sneaking beers in (and getting caught repeatedly) made the night extra fun. Wooo!

The following morn we all met for some good grub and Bloody Mary’s to get ride of the shakes. We then went to visit Bike Works (, where Soren is working right now. It’s a fabulous space for bike building and bike education with an emphasis on kids. Super-duper-Americana-moca-latte-soy-double-shot later, full of bike love and super cool magazines… we replaced Lee with Neko… and we were on the road again.

Oh, I almost forgot. At the boarder we were sooo tired of idling the engine (1 hour 15 min wait to get into Canada!??!!) we turned the car off, put it in neutral, and pushed the car by hanging one foot each out the door. Imagine! The dude behind us even copied us. Ya ya!

Special thanks to all of our American tour guides, party hosts, Sparks suppliers, house hosts and fellow evil-doers, WE LOVE YOU! Everyone, check out the 1st Cranked! ( and Cara has copies)

Reporting for the Canadians

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